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Organizing Services

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Virtual Organization for Business
Virtual Organization for Business
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How Much $$$ Is Your Business Loosing
Due To Lack of Organization?

The Average Executive Wastes an Hour an Day Looking for Important Papers. Based on a $40,000 Annual Salary, the Cost of this search if $5,000.

What would you do with an extra $5,000?

What we do:

  • Virtually - via skype talk with you about your struggles. "Seeing" your space we are able to virtually give instruction, suggestion and guidance to help you get it all organized, set up systems that will work better for your space, keep you accountable to doing what is necessary to not just make your Goals but KEEP your goals.

  • Work with you for 6 weeks to walk you through the organization process.

  1. Help you find a home for everything
  2. Gain Control of your paperwork and mail
  3. Eliminate unused items
  4. Manage your time more efficiently
  5. Identify your time-suckers

  • After these 6 weeks you will:

  1. Save money, time and energy
  2. Feel secure knowing that you can find things when you need them
  3. Accomplish more every day
  4. Set a schedule that works
  5. Get off of the hamster wheel and back into business

Call or email today - only 5 spots are available.

Linda Clevenger
Organization Direct

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